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Driving directions

Borlänge is the main town that is accessible from the region of Stockholm, Mälardalen, Västerås, Uppsala, Eskilstuna and Örebro. Romme Alpin is about 10 km outside of Borlänge where highways 50 and 70 meet. Borlänge is easily accessible by car, bus, train or plane. Romme Alpin is the perfect destination for skiing wether it be a day, weekend or even longer.

Suggested driving directions to Romme Alpin:
(Our GPS coordinates: Lat: N 60º 23' 26", Long: E 15º 22' 46")

Stockholm 220 km     Enköping, Sala, Avesta, Hedemora, Säter
Uppsala       160 km     Sala, Avesta, Hedemora, Säter
Västerås 130 km Sala, Avesta, Hedemora, Säter
Enköping 150 km   Sala, Avesta, Hedemora, Säter
Eskilstuna 180 km Fagersta, Smedjebacken 
Örebro 160 km    Ludvika
Norrköping  260 km Katrineholm, Köping, Fagersta, Smedjebacken


When you are getting close to Borlänge and Romme Alpin

Highway 50 from south. (Örebro - Ludvika )

10 km before Borlänge there is a sign; Romme Alpin 800m. TUrn right in the intersection. Continue driving the last 6 km and follow the roadsigns.

Highway 70 from east. (Stockholm - Avesta- Hedemora)

When you reach the romme horseriding racetrack there is a sign; Romme Alpin 800 m. Turn left at the intersection (you will we Rolf Ericson bil from there). Follow the road and the signs for about 9 km.