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Is there a fridge in the rooms in the Ski lodge?

No there is not.

Is sheets and towels icluded in the Ski Lodge?


Where can I heat the gruel when I stay at the Ski Lodge?

We have a microwave in our reception, please contact our staff and they will help you out. It is also possible to pick up a kettle from the reception which you can bring to the room to heat water.

Are there hairdryers in the rooms in the Ski lodge?


Is there a sauna at the Ski lodge?

Yes we have a mens and a lady sauna in our relaxation area, located in the transition between the Ski Lodge's two buildings on floor three. Input from the second house.

Is there a swimming pool on the Ski Lodge?

No, we don't have a pool. We advice you visit the water park Aqua Nova in Borlänge.

When can i check in?
At. 3:00 pm you can check in at the Ski lodge. Is the room cleaned before that you can get access to your room. Our front desk is staffed around the clock, so you are welcome to check in when it suits you.
When do I have to check out?

Check out is at. 10.30 am. You are unfortunately not get a late check-out. This is because we have 169 rooms to be cleaned before the next check-in at 3:00pm.

Is it allowed to bring pets to the Ski lodge?

In some of our family rooms with 4 beds and 5 beds you can bring animals. This must be booked in advanced and are subject to availability, please call 0243-795800 to book. We will charge you 300 SEK.

Do you have any activities for children in the evenings at the Ski lodge?

We have a large playroom on the second floor above the lobby with toys, games, crafts and video games. The playroom opens at. 3:00am.
Movies at 6:30am & 8:00am. Which movies shown each day are presented on the large blackboard at the front desk.
The ski school also arranges such as ghost hunt, skate and play and scooter safari certain evenings. Contact reception on site for more information and how to book these activities.

Can I book only one night at the Ski lodge?

During Sunday to Thursday week 2-6 & 11-13 can you always book single nights. Other days and weeks we release single nights 6 days before arrival for booking, except for Friday night wich is  releasewd 5 days before arrival. Ex. Friday and Saturday night released for sale at Book express on our website on Sunday before arrival.

Can I book a crib for my room?
Yes, contact the booking office via email or phone 0243-795800 to book a crib to your room. We will charge you 200 SEK for the crib.
Can we book a room for four when we are five in our family? Can you out an extrabed in the room?

We only allow children under 2 years as an extra person in the room.
We have no extra beds but provides cribs for children under 2 years for a cost of 200 SEK.

Am I allowed to use the showers and relaxation area even though I do not live in ski lodge?

No, relaxation area is only available for our hotel guests.

Is it possible to book a dinner table in the Ski Lodge restaurant even though we are not staying at the hotel?
Yes you can, subject to availability. Contact booking at 0243-795800 or send an email to
Is it possible to book a table at lunch in one of the restaurants at Romme Alpin?
No, we do not accept table reservations lunchtime.
Do you have barbecues where you can barbecue your own food?

Yes, you can find barbecues at the beginner area.

Why should I connect my Skipass to My Romme?
By linking your ski pass to My Romme, you get access, and can post your ski day on Facebook. You follow your rides the whole season and can compare with your friends and the daily leaderboards.
How is my rides recorded?

After you pass the entrance to the lift with your ski pass your registration runs automatically.

What is my day of skiing?

My ski day is a summary of your rides during the day. You get a compilation of the number of runs and number of vertical meters. You can also earn and collect different pins based on your riding style and your rides. Are you a Sun worshiper or Manchester Hunter?

What do I share on Facebook?

By connecting my Romme to Facebook, you agree and share your rides with friends on Facebook who also installed my Romme. You also agree that you appear on the leaderboards.

Can I charge my Skipass on My Romme?
Yes, via link Skipass.
When is Romme Alpin open for the season?

We open the slopes on 21 th of December. Ski lodge opens on 21th of December.
If we have the opportunity, we are open on weekends in December.

When closing Romme Alpin for the season.

The skiresort have open until April 8th 2018.

What time does the slopes open and close?

The slopes are open at 9 am to 3 pm.

From the 25th of January the slopes are open 9 am to 4 pm.

Are there cross-country trails at Romme Alpin?

As far as we have much natural snow, there is a track length of 2 km across the road from Romme Alpin. Please contact the reservation on 0243-795800 for updated information about the tracks.
Otherwise, we recommend you to go to Gyllbergen, Bergebo or Mellsta for cross country skiing.

Can you go up with the chairlift to the top cabin and eat lunch without skis?
No it is not allowed according to our safetyrules.
Are there vegetarian options on fondue evening on Toppstugan?

As a vegetarian option we offer Quornfilé in vegetable broth or salmon in fish broth. This must be booked in advance, please contact the booking office at mail or telephone 0243-795800.

Are there changing rooms and showers at the facility?

Yes in Värmestugan we have changing rooms but not showers.

Is there storage and lockers at the facility?
In and outside The lunch cottage we have unguarded storage for example. bags and shoes. No lockers are available.
Do you havea guarantee for snow?

Our Snow Guarantee is that we will be able to accommodate a slope from the top and a hill in the beginner area, otherwise we will refund the reservation -200 kr in adm. charge.

Do you have a sledding hill?

Yes we do.

Is it the same price when booking on the website that in place?


Can I book only the travel without SkiPass with your day tour buses?

Yes, you can make your booking at Book Express.

Can I buy a on way journey with your day tour buses?

Yes it's fine to go only one way with our day trip buses. However, always includes round trip, so you can not only book a return trip or return. You make your reservation on Book Express.

Is there a microwave in the lunch cottage?


Is it possible to bring pets to Holgers House?

No, that's not allowed.

Can I purchase the cleaning?

Yes, it is possible to book the final cleaning at the time of booking at a cost of 1500: -. Do you want to complete your booking with final cleaning it can be done 10 days prior to arrival. Contact booking at 0243-795800 to make this addition.

When is check-in and check-out in Holger House?

Check-in 3.00pm and check out 10.30am.

Where do I get the key to Holger's house?

You get the keys in the front desk in the Ski Lodge.

How are the beds distributed in Holger's house?

On the first floor there are 2 bedrooms with 4 and 3 beds. On the second floor are two bedrooms with 3 and 2 beds.

Is ski goggles inlcuded in the rent when you rent a ski package?

No, it dose'nt. You can buy your ski googles in our shop.

Do you ski wardrobe?

Yes we do. In the ski closet, you can leave your skis and poles overnight. Skiis 20:-, boots 30:- and both 50:-.You'll find ski closet between the rentalshop and Värmestugan.

Can I rent ski gear from Romme Alpin?

Yes, you can. The cost is 100sek/jacket and 100sek/trousers. Contact the rental place.

Can I rent cross country skiis from Romme Alpin?
Yes, you can. The cost is 150 sek/adult for a full day, which includes skis, poles and boots. Contact the rental place.
Do we need to pre-book equipment online?
We recommend all our guests to pre-book equipment because it is faster to pick up the equipment at point because it is already screwed and set by the dimensions given in your booking.
Can I rent a sledge from Romme alpin?

To rent a sledge for one day will coast you 50 sek.

Can you combine skiing and snowboarding in a day?
Yes, you can. Contact the rental on site to replace equipment.

How late can you pre-book equipment on the website?

You can pre-book your equipment until 6 am same day as your trip.

Where do I meet my ski school teacher?
At Ski School sign at the beginners area. Applies to both ski school in group and private lessons.
Between what ages can children go to ski school?
From 3 years to 12 years. If you have a child who is 3 years there is Ski and Play as a first step. Are you 13 years or older we rekommend private lesson.
Where can I book a private lesson?

Please call the booking office 0243-795800 or go to Gästservice/Guestservice on spot.

Which is Romme Alpins agelimits?

Child 0-7 years. Youth 8-15 years. Adults from 16 years.

I bought a 2-day ski pass and now I want to go one more day, do I get any discount?

It is possible to upgrade your ski pass for 3 days, for the same price as if you had bought a 3 day pass from the beginning. Go to SkiPass or Gästservice for help and information.

How late can I load my SkiPass on the website?

There is no time limit, you can stand on our parking, and charge your card and then head directly to the slopes.

Can I load my existing SkiPass at Romme Alpin?
Yes you can. We use Axess which also ex. Lindvallen, Åre and Idrefjäll also use, so if you have a SkiPass from there, you can charge it at Romme Alpin.
Do you have a paper card from the previous visit with at Romme Alpin, you can not load again because it is a single card, it is only cards of plastic that works to recharge again.
You can charge your SkiPass at our website and Book Express or in pur app Mitt Romme.
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