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Dalatrafiks buses to Romme Alpin

On Saturday and Sundays offers Dalatrafik transportation to or from Romme Alpin that you need to book 2 hours in advance.

On weekends you must booked the trip with Dalatrafik least 2 hours before departure on telephone 0774-440000 or via their APP Dalatrafik.

If you have downloaded our MobiTime app you can also buy mobile tickets direct in your mobile phone.

You can fetch MobiTime from Appstore (look for MobiTime Dala), in your Play Store (look for MobiTime Dala) or in Marketplace (look for MobiTime).

Dalatrafik also offers buses on weekdays to Romme Alpin, but they do you not need not pre book.

For questions please contact Dalatrafik 0771-95 95 95