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About us

Romme Alpin is the 5th most visited ski area in Sweden. The season 2015-2016 we had a new record in skier days, 292 000!

With ultra-modern lift system Romme Alpin have developed into a great destination not only for day trips but also for weekends and short weeks. The resort consists of 30 slopes and 12 lifts including four 6-seat Express lifts.

One unique feature about Romme Alpin is that it offers skiing on the mountains at a close distance to many large cities. Guests can leave home in the morning, ski all day and then travel back and be home for the evening.

Romme Alpin is located 13 kilometers outside Borlänge in southern Dalarna. The distance to the major cities in central Sweden is Stockholm 220 km, Uppsala 160 km, Västerås 130km, Enkoping 150km, Orebro 160km and 26okm to Norrköping.

Romme Alpin is a privately owned ski resort, thus there are consistent level of standards throughout the entire resort. Regardless of where you as a guest are on the Romme Alpin strives to deliver a high level of customer satisfaction.

Romme Alpin’s strategy since its opening in 1987 has been to offer skiing different from other Swedish facilities, offer a better service than other ski resorts, and adding new technologies and resources so that as a guest get the best out of skiing. Your satisfaction means our success!