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19 january 2018 | Erica

All this snow is amazing! We are so happy and we are also happy to announce that tomorrow, Saturday 20th, all our 31 slopes will be open!

Today we opened our fun slope - Calles Kurvor and yesterday, many´s favorite, Götes Brant.

What more can we say than - enjoy!

This winter is amazing!

17 january 2018 | Erica

Snow yesterday and more now today! Wow!
We have great conditions, the slopes are in a really good shape. Our aim is to open all our 31 slopes on Saturday!

Warmly welcome!

Many activities

14 january 2018 | Erica

There are many thing happening on the mountains right now. We are opening more slopes every day - Lovely!

Have you notice our ice skating rink in Romme dal? It is open Daily between 9 am-8 pm. Skates can be rented in the rental building.

We also have a small hill for sledding and an great area for berbeque.

We recommend!
Visit the shop and their "Product of the week" You might fint the Product you need to a really good price.



High and low temperatures

10 january 2018 | Erica

Today we have a really cold Romme Dal with minus 17 degrees, while the tops only has minus 2 degrees. In the valley, snow fog is covering the mountain, while the upper parts is sunny and bright. Such a strange weather - but the skiing is awesome.

Now, when we have these cold temperatures, we do all that we can to produce the snow that will last throughout the whole season.
In our daily slope and weather report you will always find the latest news.

Latest update

09 january 2018 | Erica

You will always find the latest updates on the mountains in our snow- and weather report.

It is updated daily, read it here.

We will make snow!

07 january 2018 | Erica

We are now taking the opportunity creating snow when we have the optimal temperatures. We will start in the closed slopes, but we will also start the snow guns in some of the already open slopes, to secure this season snow depth. Today Skogsriskan and Gläntan will be closed. In total this sunday gives us 18 slopes and 11 lifts.

Note! Snow guns might cause snow fog on the mountains.

A white winter!

03 january 2018 | Erica

It is an amazing winter we are experiencing. So much snow and mellow temperatures Though, now we want som real cold weather so we can finish up our snow making process.

For now we have 20 open slopes and 11 lifts.
If you don't have the possibility driving here on your own, we really recommend out day trips by bus. They depart från Stockholm and a varity of other swedish cities. Please read more about the day trips here.

Some shoots fron today:

Magical Saturday

30 december 2017 | Erica

Whar a magical morning. A perfect sunrise. And -2 degree. It is pure snow love:)

Today we have opened the whole slope Calles Kurvor. In the upper part there is great skiing opportunitues, while the lower parts have some rails and jumps.

It is fantastic meeting you all guests on the mountains, and we really appriciate when you write comments on our facebook, Instagram and google accounts. Also, please share your moments using the #rommealpin

Fun slope

29 december 2017 | Erica

This morning we opened up the lower parts of Calles Kurvor at Romme Nord. The slope is filled with small boxes, rails and jumps for happy times.

The full fun slope will open as soon as possible after we have had som more cold days. It needs some more snow and work.

Hällas hang and Dalvägen

28 december 2017 | Erica

Today we have opened the black marked slope "Hällas Hang" and the new green marked slope "Dalvägen" at Romme Nord. This gives ut 17 open slopes.

Right now we are haveing a lovely snowfall over the mountains. Hope its continue!