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On mountain restaurant

Eating food on top of a slope with panoramic views, it adds that special extra to your skiing experience. We welcome you to our on mountain restaurant located on Mount Solklintens peak. Here you can choose from our a la carte restaurant or our café section. Downstairs there is also Bo's bar and on sunny days we barbecue outside on the large terrace.

The on mountain restaurant offers hot chocolate with whipped cream, cakes, classic goulash soup, and this year a new la carte menu.

All our restaurants are open when our slopes are open.

During the fall, we offer here a classic Christmas dinner - read more!
During the winter we offer an arranged Fondue Evening - read more!

Kids menuGulaschsoppa, pancake, lasagne and hamburger 90 gr.75:-
Beetrooth burgerwith sallad, tomatoes, onion, cucumber, briochébreas and mayones. Serverd with fries. 149:-
Toppstugans Hamburgers180g chuck steak, served with briochebread, bacon, sallad, tomatoes, redonion, cucumber and mayonese. Served with fries. 169:-
GulaschsoupServed with créme fraiche and bread.105:-
LasagneServed with sallad129:-
Deer stewwith mushrooms, lingon and potatos. 149:-
Herringwith potatopuré139:-
Vegeterian chilli119:-
DessertTruffles. Choclatecake with apple compote and whipped cream.50-79:-