Lodge restaurant à la carte menu

Ski Lodge restaurante A la Carté:

Two course menu

365 kr
Choose a main course and a starter or dessert


Wild mushroom soup

Creamy wild mushroom soup topped with fried parsnip and served with our homemade cranberry bread and Präst cottage cheese. 

Crayfish rillettes

Crayfish rillettes with Västerbotten cheese topped with fish roe and served with fried kale

Main courses

Beef fillet

Grilled beef tenderloin from Siljans Chark with fried potato wedges from local farms, homemade bearnaise sauce, red wine reduction and grilled vegetables

Rainbow trout

Seared rainbow trout from Jämtland with brown butter potato compote, fresh asparagus and white wine foam

Beef Rydberg

Diced Swedish tenderloin and local potatoes topped with 63-degree egg and served with a mustard cream made from local Lissellas mustard

Vegan kidney bean patty

Chipotle kidney bean patty served with potato confit, roasted carrots from Dala-Floda, fried beet crudité and vegan miso mayonnaise.



Three small jars with cheesecake mousse on a crumbly bottom with three different toppings: strawberry, blueberry and mango coulis   

MurboAnna's cheese

Two different kinds of cheese from MurboAnnas in Murbo served with a blackberry jam from Tillmans in Grangärde and bread from Skedvi Bröd

Romme's ice cream bomb

Vanilla ice cream and blueberry sorbet (from Rättviksglass) topped with our homemade caramel sauce, whipped cream and crushed raspberry meringue