At the beginning of January and at the end of the season, we offer you a perfect opportunity to take the job with you to the slopes. Take the opportunity to visit us when it is quietest on the slopes and probably the best ride. In our job holiday packages, two nights are offered in our Ski Lodge incl. breakfast and dinners. Good wi-fi connection and of course a SkiPass charged with three full days on the slopes.

The job holiday package can be booked Sunday-Tuesday & Tuesday-Thursday week 2-6 and 11-13

What's included?
3-day SkiPass.
Accommodation at Ski Lodge 2 nights with breakfast.
Evening buffet in the Lodge restaurant day 1.
Evening buffet in the Lodge restaurant day 2.

SEK 2,995 for 1 person

Once you have booked 1 adult at the regular price, you can of course bring colleagues, family or friends to these prices:

Adult / Youth / Senior: SEK 1695 per person
Children 2-6 years cost: SEK 50 per person


Booking of the packages is via our online booking or email alpin@rommealpin.se or phone 0243-79 58 00.0243-795800.