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"Mitt Romme" - the app for Andriod and Iphone

With Romme Alpins app you can load your Ski Pass, follow you ski day, connect with friends and earn pins. And as an English-speaking, you can practice your Swedish skills when app unfortunately only is available in Swedish,

Create an account - connect you Ski Pass
But it is easy so give it a chance. Simply dowwload it and create an account wiht your personal details and you SkiPass card number. If you does not have a Ski Pass with a number before you are going skiing in Romme Alpin you can add the number afterwards.

Follow your ski days
When you have connected you Ski Pass you can keep track on every run you do and follow the total vertical meters you have managed so far.

Post you Ski day and be a aprt of the top lists
If you connect you account with your facebook account you will appear on the top lists. You can also simply post your ski day att your wall.  Your friends on facebook that also have Mitt Romme with show up and you and your friends can follow each others ski days.

You can create you acccount here on our web or do it when you have downloaded the app.

>>Create an account here!