Season pass

If you plan on visiting often, you may want to consider a season pass. Season passes are offered at a very convenient price and they are on sale until December 23rd. Season Pass holder doesn't need to pre-book days in advance, 
Season Pass 2021/2022 from 24/12 Season
Child 0-6 years 60.0 kr
Youth 7-17 years 4175.0 kr
Adult fr. 18 years 5395.0 kr
Senior 65+ 4175.0 kr

Season Pass 2021/2022 from 24/12

Parent discount

If you have children in the “youth” age category (between 7 and 17 years of age) and buy a season pass for them, you are eligible for a parent discount on your own season pass. A season pass is personal and has your picture on it. In order to take advantage of the parent discount, you need to buy your pass at the same time as you buy the one for your child. Maximum one parent card per child.

Parent pass 2021/2022 Season
Adult fr. 18 years 2750.0 kr

Parent pass 2021/2022

Do I have to buy a SkiPass if I'm only to use the Beginners Area?

If you just want to use the 3 conveyor belts, you don't need a SkiPass. But if you want to use the plattern lifts - a SkiPass is required.