Skiing in southern Dalarna

2 hours and 30 minutes from Stockholm


Waffle party

Rommi invites all children between 4-9 years old to a delicious waffle party at the Waffle Cottage on the top of Snow Mountain. Together with our ski instructors, the children will ski there and back. Who knows what awaits on the mountain?

When: Mondays & Fridays
From Janyary 25th 14:30-16:00

Maximum number of children: 20

Price: 205 SEK

Age: 4-9 years

Can ski in a wedge, turn independently, and use a ski lift. Moms and dads are not invited to the party; the ski school will take care of the children!

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80 car charging sport

We have 80 charging sport avaliable. You pay a fee for the whole day. No pre-booking - first come, first serve. 

Field trip 23/24

We have a special packagees for groups and school classes including SkiPasses and bus transfer from your hometown. 

Ski Weekend with bus trip

Björcks Resor offers weekend trips to Romme Alpin from Nykvarn, Södertälje, Stockholm, and Västerås. Two days of ski pass and one overnight stay in Borlänge.

Next departure: 2/3


Since we have such a large variety of slopes and all of them are choose which slopes to take according to the weather and surface conditions on the days you visit.
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Learn more about our SkiPasses and pre-booking.
Ski school Romme Alpin

Ski school

Ski School for both adults and children

Ski In-Ski Out accommodation

Enjoy a weekend at Romme Alpin Ski Lodge. We have 169 modern rooms and every morning a tasty breakfast buffet awaits you before you hit the slopes for a good day of fun.

Do I have to pre-book my Ski PAss?

Yes, all SkiPasses must be pre-booked. It is a way for us to keep good quality. Note, you can re-load a SkiPass if you have a plastic Axxess card with a WTP-number.

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The App - Mitt Romme

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