Are ski goggles inlcuded in the rent when you choose a ski package?

No, they are not. You can buy ski goggles in our skishop.

Do you have a ski wardrobe?

Yes we do. In the ski closet, you can leave your skis and poles overnight. Skiis 20:-, boots 30:- and both 50:-.You'll find ski closet between the Shop and Värmestugan.

Can I rent ski gear from Romme Alpin?

Yes, you can. The cost of a day is 200 sek/jacket and 200 sek/trousers.

Can I rent cross country skis from Romme Alpin?

Yes, you can. The rent includes skis, poles and boots.

Do we need to pre-book equipment online?
We recommend that all guests pre-book their equipment online, so that when picking it up it will already be correctly set and adjusted to your size and measurements as given at the time of booking. 
Can I rent a sledge from Romme alpin?

To rent a sledge for one day will cost you 50 sek.

Can you combine skiing and snowboarding in a day?

Yes, you can. Contact the rental on site to replace equipment.

How late can you pre-book equipment on the website?

You can pre-book your equipment until 6 am on the same day of your trip. When you arrive take a queticket outside the rental. After 6 am you can rent when you arrive.