Group lessons

Ski School for kids ages 3-9.

Our ski school offers group lessons for kids between the ages 3-9. We have different levels depending on your kids´ skills.

ski school

Adult Ski School from 16 years old

You will familiarize yourself with the equipment, learn how to stand on skis and find balance. Learn how to glide, turn, brake and take the lift. An excellent opportunity if you have never tried skiing before.

Youth Ski School (10-15 years old)

If you want to learn the basics of skiing this beginner course is for you.


Girls only

For girls over 16 years of age we offer a two hours exclusive experience. Go skiing together with some of the best female instructors and gain more technique and speed in a safe environment. We will use the amount of time to the max, due to the small group.

Saturday & Sunday  9 am - 11 am
Price: 350 SEK
Max. participants: 5
You are able to ski with control in the most part of Romme Alpin´s slopes.

Adult Ski School

A four day beginners class for adults (from 16 years old). Learn the basics in skiing, find your balance and position.

This class is only available monday-thursday during the weeks 7, 8 and 9.
Every class is 80 minutes (14:30-15.50)
Price: 820 SEK/person, maximun 8 participants.