Group lessons

Ski School for kids ages 3-9.

Group lesson ski school – children (age 3–9) – This is where we learn to love being on skis, we develop our skills through exercises and simple challenges on various easy slopes, always having a lot of fun together.

Youth Ski School (10-15 years old)

Group lesson ski school – teens (age 10–15) – This is where we develop our skiing technique through challenges and exercises on various types of slopes.


Ladies only

Ladies only (age 16+) – This is an intermediate lesson where you get to ski in a female-only group. Dedicated to girls and women who have skied before, are able to take most of the slopes and want to develop their skills even further.


Adult Ski School

Alpine ski tryout (alpine, age 16+; max 10 participants per group) Beginner's course dedicated to those who want to learn the basics of downhill skiing. You will familiarize with the equipment and will learn balancing and movement basics to control the skis and be able to turn, brake and stop. This is an excellent lesson for people who have never skied before. After this tryout lesson we recommend moving on to private lessons in order to get the most from your skiing experience.

Try Snowboarding

Snowboard tryout (age 8–15) – A beginner's course in snowboarding that is perfect for you if you want to learn the basics. Get familiar with the equipment and train your balance and the movements that allow you to control your board to be able to brake, stop and turn. After this tryout lesson we recommend moving on to private lessons in order to get the most from your snowboarding experience.

ski school

Adult Ski School from 16 years old

You will familiarize yourself with the equipment, learn how to stand on skis and find balance. Learn how to glide, turn, brake and take the lift. An excellent opportunity if you have never tried skiing before.

beginner class ski school

Try to ski

We learn by playing and practicing. Age: 4–6 år


The Penguin Rommi Waffle party

A party at the top of Snöberget together with Rommi. Eat as many waffles you like and decorate them with ice cream, sprinkles and berries.