Roadmap to Romme Alpin

City Travel time Distance Map
Stockholm - Romme Alpin 2:30 220 km Direction
Uppsala - Romme Alpin 2:00 160 km Direction
Västerås - Romme Alpin 1:40 130 km Direction
Enköping - Romme Alpin 1:50 150 km Direction
Örebro - Romme Alpin 2:00 160 km Direction
Eskilstuna - Romme Alpin 2:30 180 km Direction
Norrköping - Romme Alpin 3:40 260 km Direction
Gothenburg - Romme Alpin 5:40 445 km Direction



Once you arrive at Romme Alpin, we offer approximately 2,500 free parking spaces around the facility (the exception is electric charging). Note that we do not offer pitches for caravans or mobile homes, but we do have a designated parking space for you.

Car charging

We have electric car charging park with 80 charging points where you can charge your electric car while skiing. Download the EASYPARK app to register and start charging. No pre-booking is required, but it is first come, first served. Read more .

Take the train

Via you book your trip to Borlänge C, then you take a taxi or go with out to Koppslahyttan/Rommealpin.