21 February 2020
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A good start

A day on the slopes is certainly going to be a good one. But how can you make a good day even better? Starting with a good cup of coffee, of course!

Even before the slopes open at 9:00 AM, there are various restaurants that can serve you a cup of the delicious hot beverage at Romme Alpin. The Värmestuga, where guests can change into their ski clothes, serves freshly brewed coffee from 8:30 AM. For a quick bite, you´ll find cinnamon buns and sandwiches. Since at Romme Alpin we take the issue of food waste very seriously, some days you may even find sandwiches from the day before offered at half price - a great opportunity to be environmentally friendly while also saving some money!

On the other side of the snow-free square you will find the Café, which opens to the public at 8:30 AM. If you´re craving something more exclusive than regular coffee, the Café is the place to go. Espresso, cappuccino, latte - now even offered with vanilla or caramel syrup - are on the barista menu. Not a coffee drinker but looking for something special? Try the tea latte! At the Café you can also find a smaller breakfast buffet, on top of the wide selection of sweets, of course.

Now that you have refueled you have definitely given your perfect day a good start! Enjoy the slopes and have a fantastic day at Romme Alpin!