27 March 2020
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Romme Alpin is closing.

Sunday, March 29th, will be the last day for skiing this season at Romme Alpin. Romme Alpin has decided to shut down the resort due to the overall Covid-19 situation in Sweden and our location.

Every ski resort is different. One of Romme Alpins advantages is its geographical placement, only 220 km from Stockholm and its suburban areas. It is easy to make a daytrip to Romme Alpin, which, at this point, is a disadvantage.
New guests travel to the resort daily. The Resorts contains beyond skiing of a hotel, 7 restaurants, ski rental and lack any kind of private housing with self-catering.

By taking this decision, we aim to reduce the risks of spreading Covid-19 further.

- This is not an easy decision to make and we are sorry for the inconvenience caused to our guests who was looking forward visiting us and maybe celebrate Easter, says Bo Funcke, CEO Romme Alpin.
- This decision also affects the ones that keeps Romme Alpin to operate, our staff.

All guests that have a reservation made will be contacted by our staff for more information.

Bo Funcke, CEO Romme Alpin