11 February 2021
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Have you triet TELEMARK?

Skiing with free heel - telemark, began to develop as early as the 19th century in Norway. In the 1980s and 1990s, the sport had its heyday, which was then a relatively large competitive sport. Over the years, they have competed in the disciplines giant slalom, sprint and sprint classic. Telemark is also one of the disciplines in some freestyle competitions. Today, telemark is not a big sport, but more and more people are gradually starting to practice the sport again with the new NTN system that has arrived. Which means a completely new binding and boot with trigger system. Here at Romme Alpin, we have invested in a number of new equipment that can be rented. Try it - it's fun and a new challenge. If you want help, contact our instructors from the ski school. Some with a competition background from the above disciplines.

Telemark tips:
• Distance Feet
- 1 foot between each foot
- Think of knees - heels
Load heel - toe
- Just like in alpine skiing, we strive for as straight an outer leg as possible

• Hips
- Remember to use the hip when you want to increase your edge angle

• The position
- We want the upper body quite compact but with a striving forward
- Remember, just like in alpine skiing, to bring out arms and hands
- A small counter-rotation is good to avoid a cord and that it spins around.