19 January 2023
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Make a MITT ROMME account

Do you want to see how many rides you do in a day and the number of meters of altitude, see your upcoming bookings and receive smart notifications during your visit? Then register in MY ROMME.

It is free of charge to create a MY ROMME account and is a convenient way to collect your Romme experiences. Here, for example, your SkiPass number is saved so you can easily recharge new ski days.  You can also collect the whole family in the same family account.

The app we had before has been removed, so if you had an account via the "mitt romme app" before, you just use your old details and log into MITT ROMME via

If you want a quick icon on your phone, you will be asked via your Android phone. Via iPhone, you must choose to save the icon on the home screen yourself.

MITT ROMME is under development and our ambition is that in the coming seasons there will be more exciting functions.