Skiing in southern Dalarna

2 hours and 30 minutes from Stockholm


Our slopes has a story

All of our slopes has a name that means something. It's a tribute to a person who has done good things or things that have happened.

For example, in the beginning of the 1900 a lot of mining work was made in Flintgruvan, which the slope Gruvvägen passing next too.

And during 1986 when plans were made for a new unnamed slope, a moose, came running over the area and imagine if you would crash into that moose when you ski? That slope is now named Älgkyssen. Älg = moose in swedish.

During this past winter this almost happened. Have you sen Abdulbari's video?

Luckely everything went fine.


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Since we have such a large variety of slopes and all of them are choose which slopes to take according to the weather and surface conditions on the days you visit.


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Ski school

Ski School for both adults and children

Ski In-Ski Out accommodation

Enjoy a weekend at Romme Alpin Ski Lodge. We have 169 modern rooms and every morning a tasty breakfast buffet awaits you before you hit the slopes for a good day of fun.

When do you open for the season?

We are open on a daily basis from Dec 20th. (The Ski Lodge has check-in from the evening of the 20th). 


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