Skiing in southern Dalarna

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We have made an update in our generous cancellation opportunitets

We have made an upgrade in our cancellation opportunities. Until November 16th you will have the opportunity to cancel your complete booking and get a full refund.

Cancellation and rebooking policy as of November 16th:

 Any booked accommodation can be cancelled up to 16 days prior arrival, without the need to provide reason for cancellation. An administrative fee of 490 SEK will be applied.
Up to 16 days before your planned arrival it is also possible to change your booking once, of course depending on availability. The final price may vary depending on the date selected. No fees are charged in case of a change.

Cancellation and rebooking within 15 days from your arrival date:

Booked accommodation can be rebooked or cancelled if a serious impediment that is beyond your control or that you could not foresee at the time of booking takes place and it is therefore deemed that you should no longer be liable to your booking*.

Such special circumstances apply within 15 days from and up to 8:00 o'clock on the day of arrival.
For booking or cancellation within 15 days from your planned arrival date it is necessary to present a certificate, i.e. doctor's certificate, police or insurance report, to justify the reason for cancellation.
The certificate must be sent to us as soon as possible and no later than 7 days after your planned arrival date.
In case of cancellation you will be granted a full refund minus an administrative fee of 490 SEK.
Alternatively you can choose to change the dates of your booking. This can be done once, depending on availability. The final price may vary depending on the date selected. No fees are charged in case of a change.

* Read our terms & conditions


Welcome to make a reservation for the 2021/2021 season

We have now opened our online booking and reservations center for the 2021/2021. Welcome!

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Christmas Buffet in the Ski Lodge restaurant

Our Ski Lodge offers a tasteful and traditional Christmas Buffet for the whole family. After dinner - enjoy all the sweet treats and freshly brewed coffee. Note! Limited seats in our spacious restaurant.

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Since we have such a large variety of slopes and all of them are choose which slopes to take according to the weather and surface conditions on the days you visit.


Learn more about our SkiPasses and prices.

Ski school

Ski School for both adults and children

Ski In-Ski Out accommodation

Enjoy a weekend at Romme Alpin Ski Lodge. We have 169 modern rooms and every morning a tasty breakfast buffet awaits you before you hit the slopes for a good day of fun.

When do you open for the season?

We are open on a daily basis from Dec 20th. (The Ski Lodge has check-in from the evening of the 19th). 


The App - Mitt Romme

We have added some new features in the Mitt Romme App. Read and learn more about it.

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