Skiing in southern Dalarna

2 hours and 30 minutes from Stockholm


What do we do during summer?

What happens when the slopes are closed?

A lot!

In the past week, all our rails and boxes in the junior parks have been given a "lift." They have been sanded, painted, and of course, adjusted if needed.

We have also replaced the roof on our beautiful entrance to the Ski Lodge, and out on the mountains, we have started the annual maintenance of our lifts. We are also busy planning for the upcoming season with activities and other fun things.


Accommodation in our Ski Lodge for the 2024/2025 season

We don now accept reservations for the 2024/2025 season.

80 car charging sport

We have 80 charging sport avaliable. You pay a fee for the whole day. No pre-booking - first come, first serve. 

Senior and family week

Feel free to book our popular packages for weeks 2-6 and 11-13. These include accommodation, dinners, and SkiPass.


Since we have such a large variety of slopes and all of them are choose which slopes to take according to the weather and surface conditions on the days you visit.
Photo of a pre-loaded SkiPass


Learn more about our SkiPasses and pre-booking.
Ski school Romme Alpin

Ski school

Ski School for both adults and children

Ski In-Ski Out accommodation

Enjoy a weekend at Romme Alpin Ski Lodge. We have 169 modern rooms and every morning a tasty breakfast buffet awaits you before you hit the slopes for a good day of fun.

Do I have to pre-book my Ski PAss?

Yes, all SkiPasses must be pre-booked. It is a way for us to keep good quality. Note, you can re-load a SkiPass if you have a plastic Axxess card with a WTP-number.

Girl in helmet and Goggles

The App - Mitt Romme

We have added some new features in the Mitt Romme App. Read and learn more about it.