Is it possible to book a dinner table in the Ski Lodge restaurant even though we are not staying at the hotel?

Yes you can, subject to availability. Contact booking at 0243-795800 or send an email to alpin@rommealpin.se.

Is it possible to book a table at lunch in one of the restaurants at Romme Alpin?

No, we do not accept table reservations lunchtime.

Do you have barbecues where you can barbecue your own food?

Yes, you can find barbecues at the beginner area. You can also find some barbeques on the mouintains.

Do you have microwaves at your restaurant for heating food?
No, we do not.
Are you allowed to eat your own food at the restaurants?
The only restaurant that allowed you to eat own brought food is Värmestugan in Romme Dal.
Age limit for alcohol
You need to be over the age of 20 to be able to buy alcohol in our bars and restaurants before 4 pm.