Dinner buffét:

Monday & Saturday

Mediterranean buffet inspired by the Mediterranean sea .

Tuesday and Friday

Lodge Buffet with inspiration from south- and north America.


Asian buffet with hot and sweet tastes from Asia.

Thursday and Sunday

Swedish flavors with elements of Dalarna

Ski Lodge restaurante A la Carté:


Chanterelle soup

125 kr
with smoked pork belly from Siljans Chark and parmesan chips.

Local charcuterie and cheese platter

145 kr
Ostrich sausage, Gustafskorv (horse meat sausage), Solvarbo ham, Murboannas "Annas röda" cheese, aioli made with fresh local eggs, cream cheese with Lissellas mustad, Roslunds homemade fries.

Main courses

Grilled 250 gr beef steak

305 kr
from Siljans Chark served with baked carrots and parsnip, red wine reduction, tarragon cream and sweet potato fries.

Blackened rainbow trout

279 kr
from Älvadalen served with Svecia cheese mayonnasise, local fish roe, shaved beets, lentils, dill flavoured almond potatoes. 

Panko-crusted Eldost from Murboanna

269 kr
served with red oniion cream, grilled savour cabbage, oven-rosted tomatoes, carrot and parsnip. 


House cheesecake

85 kr
served with Rättviks ice cream and bluberry sorbet

Small cheese board

125 kr
with selected Murboannas cheese, Skedvid crispbread and Tillmans marmalade.