Lunch menu

Ski Lodge Restaurant Lunch Menu:

Goulasch soup from Siljans Chark

125 kr

served with freshly baked bread and créme fraiche

Vegan stew

135 kr

Tomato-based stew with chunky bits of carrot and parsnip, white beans and chickpeas. Served with bread and homemade beetroot hummus. 

Romme Alpin beef patties

155 kr
Homemade beef patties with cream sauce and potatoes, pickled cucumber, preserved lingonberries and fresh sugar snap peas.

Paprika-flavoured chicken breast

155 kr

Served on top of casarecce pasta with a creamy parmesan sauce and pickeld beets. 

Alder-smoked Salmon

165 kr
Hot-smoked salmon with herbed potatoes, truffle cream cheese and pickled beets

Lodge Salad

145 kr

Herb-marinated mozzarella and pearl couscous with a citrus vinaigrette dressing, baked celeriac, tomatoes and basil mayonnaise.

For the little ones

85 kr

Goulasch soup with freshly baked bread and crème fraiche  

For the little ones

85 kr

Organic Pancakes with strawberry jam and whipped cream 

For the little ones

85 kr

Meatballs with gourmet potatoes, cream gravy and lingonberry jam


75 kr

Vanilla ice cream served with warm cloudberries and oat crisps