Lunch menue

Ski Lodge Restaurant Lunch Menu:

Preliminary menu, price will be presented later


served with potato puree, browned butter, sweet pea salad and lingonberry jam

Goulash soup

served with freshly baked bread and cream fraiche

Crudité salad

with cauliflower, broccoli, grouts, baked tomatoes, olives, pickled red onion and a dijon-majo.
Optinal-dijon and tarragon baked chicken. Plus 20 kr. or mozzarella. Plus 20 kr


with chanterelles

Boeuf Bourguignon

served with a side of parsley potatoes

Warm smoked salmon

served with roasted beets, feta cheese cream, small salad topped with roasted seeds

Lodge Lunch for kids

Gulasch soup served with bread from our own baker, cream fraiche 

Lodge Lunch for kids

Meatballs with potato puree

Lodge Lunch for the kids

Pasta with fried sausage