Waffle house:



49 kr

Choose between strawberryjam or jam of blueberry and raspberry. Served with whipped cream.

Our jam is homemade!


59 kr

Served with cloudberry jam &  whipped cream.

Our jam is homemade!

Luxury waffle

85 kr

Served with roe, shrimp, creme fraiche and red onion.

Waffle with ice cream and cherry compote

69 kr

Vanilla ice cream from Rättvik and cherry compote.

Goulash soup

115 kr

Served with créme fraiche and freshly baked bread.

Handgjorda frasiga pajer serveras med sallad och tomatchutney

95 kr
We have the following varieties:

-Boar and Västerbotten cheese

-Minced meat suce and cheese

-Pumpkin and curry sauce

Shrimp salad

99 kr
Served with mayonnasie, egg, lemon and dill.


69 kr
Served on levain bread with smoked salmon, mayonnaise, salad, lemon, egg and dill. 

Mountain sandwich

69 kr

Served on levain bread with black smoked ham from Siljan Chark , mustard cream & Wästgöta cheese


69 kr
With salad, tomatoes and Mozzarella, balsamico, cream cheese and basil. 

Cheese sandwich

35 kr
served with cucumber, pepper, cheese and butter.


Lingonberry, Apple and lemon soda. Milk, coffee, and hot chocolate with whipped cream.

Draft beer, cider, wine and sparkling vine.